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Lyrics In Telugu Hindi Tamil

Nani Majnu Movie All Songs Lyrics

Nani Majnu Movie All Songs Lyrics

Nani Majnu Movie All Songs Lyrics

Majnu is starring Nani, Anu Immanuel. Majnu was directed by Virinchi Varma. Majnu Movie was produced by P.Kiran. Majnu movie  music was composed by Gopi Sunder. More information can be found at Wiki.

Nani Majnu Movie All Songs Lyrics

Movie : Majnu
Starring:: Nani, Anu Immanuel
Music :: Gopi Sunder
Director :: Virinchi Varma
Producer :: P.Kiran

Nani Majnu Movie All Songs Lyrics

Track List

01 – Kallumoosi Song Lyrics

Singers: Suchit Suresan
Music: Gopi Sunder
Lyrics: Srimani

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